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small business ideas 2021

Have you been thinking it’s time for a change? More people are jumping on board with becoming their own boss. It can be highly rewarding to start your own business, but with so many ideas, it can be difficult to start. 

Here is a shortlist of small business ideas for you.

Remember passionate plays a huge part in success.


Small Business Ideas For 2022


  1. Dropshipping 


Dropshipping is a method of order fulfillment that requires businesses to not keep products in stock. Instead, the store sells the product and passes the sale order along to a third-party supplier, who ships the order to the customer.


2. Print On Demand

small business ideas 2021

POD (print-on-demand) is an order fulfillment method that prints items as soon as the order is placed, usually without a minimum order quantity. Using POD, you can customize a variety of products and sell them under your brand.


3. Consulting

Consulting firms are businesses comprised of industry-specific experts who provide businesses with professional advice, guidance, and solutions to problems they cannot solve on their own. Problems are bound to arise in every company; consulting firms are hired to solve them.


4. Online Teaching

Online teaching is the process of providing education to others over the internet. There are a variety of methods that can be used, such as individual video calls, group video calls, and webinars.


5. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants provide clients with administrative support while working remotely. A virtual assistant is usually located in a home office but is able to access important planning documents remotely, such as shared calendars.


6. Personal Shopper

small business ideas 2021

Do you often get praised for your fashion sense? Do you get asked for advice about your wardrobe by friends and family? If so, personal shopping could be a profitable business for you. Clients who struggle to find their own style can hire personal shoppers to find clothing items they like. 


7. Social Media Manager

A social media manager manages a business’s social media accounts. Among their responsibilities are creating and posting content on channels on a regular basis as well as interacting with the company’s fans and followers.


Have A Passion For Art?


8. Graphic Designer 

small business ideas 2021

A graphic designer is a visual communicator who creates concepts by hand or using specialized graphic design software. Using images, words, or graphics, they can inspire, inform, or captivate consumers through physical and virtual art forms.


Become Your Own Boss


9. Affiliate Marketer

An affiliate earns a commission by marketing another person’s or company’s products. The affiliate chooses a product they love or create a blog and add links to affiliates that their audience will get value from.

10. Writer

In 2021 writers can start a business writing for blogs, news websites, ebooks, and more. If you have strong writing skills, this may be a small business for you. 

11. IT services

Are you tech-savvy and can help businesses solve their technical problems? Duties can include setting up hardware or software, diagnosing connectivity or data access issues, answering questions about hardware or software, and helping users access shared drives and devices that fall under this category.

12. App Developer

new business ideas

Application developers are responsible for coding, designing, managing applications, troubleshooting, monitoring updates and potential security threats, and providing end-user support. During the process of building an application, they will also handle some project management tasks.

13. Digital Event Manager

By combining their technical expertise with their event management experience, the digital event manager reinvents the concept of events and creates engaging digital experiences for attendees.

14. Website Flipping

Website flipping is the act of investing in websites that are already making money, improving them either by increasing the number of visitors or by making more money from the same number of visitors, and then selling them for a profit. 

15. Online Reseller

online reseller business

Help people sell their products online on websites like eBay or Poshmark. Online reselling can be profitable especially if you know how to place targeted listings.


What Small Business Sounds Good So Far?


16. Resume Writing

People leaving college or those looking to further to careers often don’t know the best way to impress hiring managers. Hiring an expert resume writer is a solution. Start a business writing resumes.

17.  Sell Low Content Books

Digital and printable products are big business now. Coloring books, planners, and guest books are all examples of low-content books. They are easier to create and you can sell them passively.

18.  Handyman Business

Handymen offer repair and maintenance services to residential and commercial properties. Starting a handyman business can be profitable if you’re great at customer services and your marketing efforts.

19. Dog Walking

A dog walker visits a client’s home and takes their beloved pets on walks. Dog walking can be profitable if you can handle walking more than one dog and well as offering great customer service to improve your tips.

20. Personal Assitant

A personal assistant is responsible for assisting a specific person. Completing daily tasks and duties given to them by their client. This can be a tough business if you’re not organized and patient.

21. Stock/ Product Photographer

With the rise in online businesses, the demand for professional photos is high. If you have photography skills starting a product photography business could be the way to go. Product photography usually takes knowledge on staging items for ads and websites.

Small Businesses Ideas You Can Start Today


22. Virtual Exercise Studio

Engage with others looking for fitness classes online. Pre-record videos and sell them online or do live streams where you sell tickets for viewing.

Yoga classes and dance virtual classes are becoming more and more popular.

23. Youtuber

start a small business

There is still money to make on Youtube, building an audience takes time but if you have valuable knowledge to share, having a youtube channel can bring in income. You can also sell merchandise for added income.

24. Start A Podcast

You can monetize your podcast in two ways. Using your platform to sell and promote other products (sponsorship) is the most popular method of monetization. You run advertisements during your show that are paid for by other companies (your sponsors). Another way you can make money is by charging your listeners directly.

25. Personal Trainer

A personal trainer provides one on one physical training for clients. You do have to get certified to become a personal trainer, but once certified you can charge up to $40/hour or more to help people get more fit.

26.  Auto Mechanic

Become a mobile mechanic and put your auto mechanic skills to use. You can go to clients’ homes or businesses and do simple repairs.


There you have it, a list of small business ideas for 2022. I hope you found this post useful and start the business of your dreams. If you’re ready to start your new business and need a website? Hire me as your web designer.

Have other small business ideas to share, leave them in the comments.

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